Gord Holden -Says lets bring creativity back to learning

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Gord Holden   Says lets bring creativity back to learning   Please tell me how you w532282_10151573232641208_191535883_nould like to support my avocation


Greetings. I am an educator on a mission, to return learning to its rightful place for children.  We can (and I do) make learning experiential, where text plays a supporting role in this form of profound and purposeful play.

We’ve textualized knowledge and throw it at youngsters, then grade their IQ over and over again. That’s not how they learn. This has been proven over and over.

Together, we can increase the scope of my mission . When you believe education can and should be brought to a better place,please share my mission.  Thanks.

Check out my profile on EA, my Facebook, Flickr, etc.  I’m in EA to build up my social network and get the word out. Working 14…

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