10 Brands Dominating on Google+

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Today marks one year since Google+ came onto the social media scene. These 10 brands have used the platform to its fullest.

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Healing from Sexual Abuse – A Transformational Journey – Part 3

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For those of you just reading for the first time, I am sharing my last 3 years of healing process.  Refer to the Intro post to understand the process.  Thank you for your comments and being a part of this journey.

Entry 3:

Another long day today.  I don’t want to be around anyone.  Noises are very hard for me to take.  Telephones, bells, talking, doors shutting.  It is like being back there – lost.

Me:  I talked to Chuck tonight.  You know I tell him everything and he is going to read this.

Dad:  Good.  Be wary.

Me:  Wary?  Why?  You always told me not to trust anyone – that they have an ulterior motive.  Are you doing it again?

Dad:  Perhaps.  I know you better than anyone.

Me:  You don’t want me connecting to him?  Is that a little human of you?  You want me all to yourself?

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